Saturday, August 16, 2008

stick-on <3z

I just got some new stick-ons. They were at the dollar store, which is actually where I get all of my nail art supplies. These are the best! They are iridescent and come in different shapes (stars and hearts mostly). I am getting a little more daring these days. I love doing dark colors as the base and then doing a bright contrast over it. Gold is always good on a dark base. always. i want to be even more daring and stray outside of the dark base though because i know that that is too obvious. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Christina also has the absolute perfect nails for nail art. look at em? theyre sharp. little rectangular green rhinestones right at the corner of a gold arch. I wanted to do a really good job on Chrissy's nails because she was in Chicago for ONE night only!! She lives in Dallas, so I wanted to give Dallas a lil peice of me. And did they! Pink undercoat with gold, yellow, and glittery neon green arches. and of course that lil rhinestone. She loved it, I loved it, she might as well be one of the dallas cowgirls. or whatever. but she's not, for ethical reasons. Point is, with these nails you have to wear sunglasses. They're hot!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


ash and i thought our last night together in the u.s.a. was going to be last thursday night, so what better way to spend the evening then doing our nailz!?! we started the evening off with mac n' cheese to put us in the mood, and were inspired as we watched "mrs. doubtfire". i told ash all about how instyle mag has predicted that rich reds and deep blues will be in this fall, as well as what you get if you combine those colors, PURPLE! so i decided to go with an avant gard dark red, with a dash of gold. i heard that nicole kidman's makeup artist often puts a dash of gold on her cheeks to help her shine, and i really wanted to highlight the definition of my nail with the gold stripes. the blue brought together the primary colors, really helping to complete my look.

oh and it only took three days for all the gems to fall off. but who's counting.

happy painting!!


These are Sandy's nailz. from now on you will be able to tell whose nails are whose by the shape. sandys got the best shape for nail art, they are long and they grow nicely. 

We just love nailz!! I would tell you why, but the thing is is we don't know why! They are just really fun- rhinestones, glitter, stick-ons, neon, you name it, we got it or we want it. This was one of my first experiences with nail paint and rhinestones. (up there)